Bridge Officer

St. Rose, LA
Bridge Officers are responsible to the Master of the vessel and have authority as given to the officer of the watch as assigned along with whatever authority the Master delegates to them. Should the Master for any reason become incapacitated, the Senior Bridge Officer shall immediately notify shore based operations for instructions in taking command of the vessel. All Bridge Officers authorized to exercise Stop work authority as are all employees.
The duties and responsibilities of the Bridge Officer will include but are not limited to:
Maintain duties of Officer of the Watch set by the Master (watch schedule). The watch schedule may be altered by the Master to suit the trade of the vessel, but must comply with STCW requirements for watch keeping.
Determining the vessels stability, cargo limitations with all related weight calculations to determine the requirements of the vessels stability letter.
Liaising with shore authorities, client representatives and vendors.
Ensure that the Masters Standing Orders are complied with and signed upon joining a vessel.
Masters night orders book will be signed each watch.
Assist the Master in coordinating and monitoring the performance of all work on the vessel in compliance with all relevant rules, regulations, and policies, procedures and work practices.
Crew training and monitoring in the use of proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and to ensure that proper JSA or Pre-Task Planning has been performed before the work is started.
To be familiar with all details of emergency plans, stations, and arranged procedures onboard the vessel. These details are to be communicated to all crewmembers as needed.
To be familiar with the location and use of all lifesaving, firefighting and emergency equipment. Training in the use of all equipment listed in the SOLAS and Company Training manuals. This training is mandatory and shall be duly recorded by the Master or his designee.
Assist the vessel Master in keeping order and assist in keeping good crew morale. This may include shipboard discipline and/or counseling.
Assigning tasks to the deck department during his or her watch.
Supervise the lowering and weighing of the vessel????s anchor(s).
Scheduling, supervising and participating in emergency drills, coordinating crew and persons other than the crew at muster points as per pre-arranged instructions.
Supervising persons other than the crew in the event of an actual emergency.
Assist the Master in the training all crewmembers, while promoting the Company's Safety, Quality and Environmental Policy.
Continuously improve their applicable skills relating to GulfMark Americas, Inc.????s Safety, Quality and Environmental Management System, (including preparing for emergencies)
Assist in the organizing of watch schedules and routines.
Follow any lawful order and complete duties delegated or assigned by the Master.
Perform all duties in a professional, seaman-like manner while practicing and promoting high safety, environmental and Client relations standards.
Strive to provide the best service possible for GulfMark Americas, Inc. Clients.

Don't Be Fooled

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