St. Rose
The Deckhand is entry-level non-officer merchant seafarer. The deckhand should expect to work a 12-hour watch with sufficient breaks for meals and hydration. Within this 12-hour watch, the deckhand should expect his or her primary tasks to include routine cosmetic and preventative maintenance to the inside and outside of the vessel, including janitorial duties, washing down the exterior of the vessel, preparing rusted surfaces for paint, and painting. The deckhand must be able to receive andfollow orders, employ critical thinking toward operating safely during the completion of assigned tasks, communicate effectively with others both face to face and over a radio, and work continually throughout a 12 hour watch.
The duties and responsibility of the Deckhand will include but are not limited to:
Assist vessel Officers in routine cosmetic and preventative maintenance to the inside and outside of the vessel;
Stand lookout watch, making regular vessel rounds, including the machinery spaces, as directed by the Master, Chief Officer, Officer on Watch, or Engineer as the delegated representative of the Master;
Assist in mooring the vessel, anchoring, or setting the gangway;
Rigging deck cargo;
Performing all work safely and as directed with the proper safety equipment and proper protective equipment where appropriate;
Being prepared and capable to act in case of emergency according to the duties delegated depending on the situation;
Reporting to his or her supervisor any hazardous conditions that may negatively impact the vessel, her crew, or the environment;
Performing all duties in a professional, seaman-like manner while practicing and promoting high safety and environmental standards.
The Deckhand is authorized to prevent any individual from boarding the vessel when the presence of such individual raises suspicion. The Deckhand is required to inform any individual employed by the vessel of acts that he or she deems unsafe or in conflict with Company policy. The Deckhand is authorized to exercise Stop Work Authority, as are all employees.
Valid USCG Merchant Mariner Credential holding at least the rating or Ordinary Seaman;
Valid USCG Medical Certificate
Valid TWIC

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